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We supply perfect stretch tents worldwide

Epik Tents provides beautifully manufactured, versatile stretch tents and marquees. We use only the best quality material  and offer a variety of sizes and colours to match your style and budget.

Manufacturing quality

The best quality material is used to manufacture our stretch tents, with good stretch and recovery properties. The material is waterproofed by sandwiching polyurethane membrane between two knitted fabrics. It is 100% waterproof, oil repellent, UV resistant and anti-fungal.

All shapes and sizes

We can cover almost any shape or size. Our experienced team have rigged our stretch tents over all kinds of areas. We also have a wide range of colours to chose from, allowing us to help you create your ultimate venue.

A One Stop Shop

We offer a full service solution when it comes to your stretch tents. Our services include manufacturing, rentals, repairs, and washing of stretch tents. We pride ourselves on our service excellence!

Private Functions

Outdoor Events


Special Requests